How Do You Buy the Ideal Weighted Blanket?

Making the right purchase is of great importance if you want to experience the numerous benefits that weighted blanket offers. Asking people you know for weighted blanket reviews and recommendations is one thing you can do to acquire the right weighted blanket. Continue reading this article further to learn more about the factors and Tips on Choosing a Weighted Blanket.

  1. Weight

Deep Touch Pressure is the science behind the effectiveness of the weighted blanket. DTP is a haptic stimulus that encourages a person’s body to release more hormones that leads to several benefits. Not only it can alleviate anxiety, but it can also help in managing insomnia and soothing fibromyalgia flare-ups.

Getting a blanket that is 10% of your body weight is the general rule of the thumb in getting the right one. For instance, you should ideally get a 15lbs blanket if you weigh 150lbs. But, you can always opt for a slightly lighter or heavier depending on your preference as this rule is not written in stone.

However, if the blanket is too light, you should not expect to get the benefits you are hoping to experience. On the other hand, you might get too compressed if you choose one that is too heavy.

  1. Size

Weighted blankets come with a variety of dimensions as well. Although the blanket’s height is not as vital as its weight, for sure, you want one that can fully and comfortably cover you as well. Keep in mind that your body’s dimension is the factor you should consider when choosing a weighted blanket and not your bed. Getting one that is slightly larger than you is what most experts advised.

3- Style

Finding something that matches your style is one of the most overlooked tips on Choosing a Weighted Blanket. It is best to look for options that will suit your room’s interior design since it will be a part of your bedroom after all.

  1. Filler

Always remember to pay attention to the kind of filler used in a weighted blanket if you wish for it to last long. Low-quality fillers tend to get clumped or squished altogether on the blanket’s one end. While the best blanket will always have durable fillers that use mechanisms that evenly distributes the weight. For instance, blankets with fillers featuring griddled stitching or clasps are what you should look for when buying one.

  1. Cover

A detachable duvet-like cover is what Weighted blankets tend to include. Apart from it is effortless to wash and is indeed customisable, it includes covers because it offers convenient temperature control.

A classic option when it comes to covers is the soft microfiber. However, because of the cooling effects that bamboo offers, it has become the newest rising choice today. Also, it is best to get a blanket with cooling fabric if you tend to get hot during bedtime.