Best Deal on a Stihl Snow Blower: 5 Factors to Help Solve Your Winter Woes

You can avoid all the pain of snow blowing by looking around for a Stihl blower best deal around the town. Good blowers are known to last for many years (easily from 5 years). Here are five critical factors to consider when buying a snowblower.


Factor 1: Engine power

The engine or motor is the “heart” of the machine. With a more powerful tool (i.e. higher horsepower), you get more mileage from the blower. The choice of engine power depends on the amount of work for which the machine is to be used. For example, if you are thinking of working with snow or ice daily, then it is obvious that you should go for a more powerful engine. Engine power can range from as little as 5.5 hp to 11 hp!


Factor 2: Blowing surface

Each product will have the blowing surface clearly printed on the brochure. The larger the surface, the less time you have without going through the cold. It’s about saving energy and time. If you can afford it, go get a bigger blower. You’re going to want to avoid the cold as much as you can.


Factor 3: Engine start method

Most modern blowers use either of two starting methods: manual and electric. Manual start of the engine is rarely used and is there only as a backup – in case the electrical method fails. The blower may seem intimidating to some people because of its large size. However, you’re in for a pleasant surprise at how much easier it is to start the engine with an electric starter. Just press a button, and the engine comes to life! You never have to sweat just to start the machine. Save your energy for real work – blowing the snow!


Factor 4: Machine materials

Cheaper snow blowers are made with cheap parts. It can be a low-quality motor or cheaply made plastic housing. In any case, if something goes awry with any part of the machine, the blower may become impossible to operate. Then you have to spend time with support technicians to troubleshoot the problems. You can trust and buy when you find a Stihl blower best deal right away. These brands will do whatever is in their power to deliver excellent products because they want to protect their reputation.


Factor 5: Sound level

Finally, there is the noise. Good quality machines generate noise at just over 100 decibels. You will want to make sure that the noise level is something that you and your neighbours will be comfortable with.


The price difference for a high-end snowblower and a low-end snow blower is usually less than $500. In other words, for a few hundred more, you could be the proud owner of a powerful blower. So if you have financial resources, go for the high-end machines. It’ll be a wise investment.