What Is a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist Adelaide is a doctor who specializes in podiatry or commonly known as foot and ankle. Podiatry medicine is a field of medicine dedicated to the field of foot and ankle disorders, diagnosis, and treatments. A Podiatrist can diagnose a problem with the foot and ankle, and give the various patient treatments, including therapeutic orthotics and surgery.

Podiatrist AdelaideBunions: a bunion is an abnormal growth on the joint of one of the feet that results in a bump or bulge. Common places for bunion bumps to develop are at the ball of the foot near the big toe, the heel of the foot between the toes, or on either side of the foot between the big toe and the ankle. Many different exercises and devices can be used to treat bunions, but a chiropractor can fix and realign the entire body through adjustment techniques.

Toenail Pain: toenails are very fragile; they often crack or break easily. This makes walking, wearing shoes, or doing household chores a lot more uncomfortable. Although many people think that toenail pain means a fungal infection, this is not always the case. If the problem is a fracture, doctors may need to remove a bone graft or replace a toenail. If there is nerve damage involved, the doctor may need to perform nerve root blocks or other foot conditions treatment.

Toe Bump or Toenail Pain: most of these conditions are caused by stress on the bottom of the foot that can be treated or even cured with physical therapy. However, if the injury or deformity does not go away and remains severe, a podiatrist Adelaide may have to conduct a surgical procedure to treat the deformity. An example of this is called a tibial plateau deformity. A podiatrist can also treat bunions as well through surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

Foot Issues Treatment Podiatrists treat foot issues from a medical perspective because they understand how feet work as they are a part of the total body. They also understand the changes that occur in a person’s feet as they age. For example, with diabetes, a person’s feet may become dry, brittle, or are painful. A podiatrist Adelaide can diagnose a patient’s diabetes and help administer treatments to relieve the pain and help the feet heal faster.

In conclusion, a podiatrist is well trained to treat common foot problems. Podiatrists can diagnose, treat, and prevent various conditions and diseases that affect the feet. They can even conduct surgical procedures to help restore healthy, functioning feet.