Things You Should Know When Installing Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Adelaide near mePlantation shutters, sometimes called plantation shutters, are an ideal type of window treatment, usually made of wood, vinyl, or some other composite material. They’re commonly built over a wooden frame, consisting only of horizontal boards, vertical posts, and flexible slats (or louvres), easily manipulated by the shutter’s adjust-ability mechanisms to let you increase decrease the amount of light and air in a room. You may be wondering what plantation shutters have to offer homeowners when it comes to privacy and light control.

Plantation Shutters Adelaide near me are typically constructed with interior and exterior hardware, consisting either of brass, nickel, wrought iron, steel, aluminium, and other metallic finishes. The installation process, of course, depends upon the type and style of shutter you have and the specific hardware used, but all of them are relatively easy to install yourself given enough time, practice, and the right tools. Here are the basics of installation for any plantation shutter, whether it’s an interior or exterior model:

Before you get started, make sure you have the proper installation procedures for your particular brand of plantation shutters. Some companies specialise in custom window treatments while others sell ready-made ones. If you are going with a custom brand, make sure that the company you choose has done business for many years. Also, be sure they offer a warranty on their craft and materials. These are essential prerequisites for any custom window treatment installation, whether you choose to go with a ready-made option or go custom.

Before installing plantation shutters, you’ll need to have precise measurements, including height, width, panes, or slats. This will ensure a proper fit, so make sure to take your time when measuring. This step is often skipped by homeowners who want to install the louvres right away because they are unsure if their window treatment will fit properly. This could cause damage to your windows, especially on wooden shutters, as wood is a delicate material. Once measurements have been taken, you can move on to the next steps of installation: selecting your wood or hardwood, and then deciding which brand of louvres and hardware you’re going with.

You’ll probably notice that the hardware is either a solid colour or a mixture of colours for wooden plantation shutters. You’ll want to go with woods like mahogany or maple to complement your windows’ wood grain and then choose slat sizes that will correspond with the louvres. Slat size selection will also determine how your slats open, so you must select appropriate size slats for your windows. Remember that you’ll also need to buy a roller and a couple of dowels for nailing the louvres to the window frame.

For the hardwoods, oak and walnut are common choices, but many homebuilders prefer cherry, mahogany, pecan, or maple for their custom window treatments. Customisation starts with choosing your wood and hardwood. Your shutter manufacturer will help you assess your window treatment options based on the width and length of your windows and the desired custom fit you want. For example, with oak, you may opt for a two-inch border between the slats or an eight-inch border. The different measurements are based on the width of your window and the actual measurement of your slats.

Once your measurements have been taken and you’ve chosen your woods and their appropriate size, the installation process begins. If you’ve opted for custom louvre installation, your shutter manufacturer will provide you with a design sample and instructions on the best way to fasten the louvres to your windows.

Because Plantation Shutters Adelaide near me requires attaching the louvres to the wood at specific angles, it’s important to follow the proper installation procedures to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and that the louvres won’t accidentally fall and damage your windows. Proper installation is essential for those who have attached their plantation shutters to their original wooden doors instead of sliding glass doors; otherwise, the wood door would likely warp or rot due to contact with the wood of the frame instead of the vinyl coating that forms the exterior surface of the louvres.

While customising your windows requires the purchase of custom louvres made from the same wood as your exterior sashes, it can also save you money. Custom-built windows are generally more expensive than those that aren’t, but they can provide the elegant window treatment you need to bring your interior home to life. Besides, by choosing plantation shutters as the default window treatment in your new construction, you’ll get the same amount of insulation as you would get by installing interior blinds instead of installing plantation shutters. With all these benefits, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t install window shutters on your plantation shutters today!