The Convenience of Pallet Freezer Spacers

When it comes to achieving maximum airflow in freezing and then tempering operations, our proven plastic and aluminium pallet freezer spacers are your answer. This product is designed to keep your large plastic or aluminium pallets free of air bubbles so that they will not damage your goods. Air bubbles are caused by moisture that condenses on your plastic goods as they are exposed to the air over time. Your goods can be damaged even when the air in your freezer is relatively low, but when there is too much moisture in your plastic storage, you risk damaging the goods irreparably. The foam we use for this purpose has been developed explicitly for preventing the formation of air bubbles.


The foam we use for our pallet freezer spacers is specially formulated to be an excellent air barrier. It also can maintain its shape when it is compressed and then deflated – this ensures that the product remains free of any air bubbles, thereby ensuring that the shelf life of your goods is extended. These are some of the main benefits of using this product: improved freezer performance, longer shelf life, safety from accidental spills, and reduced food spoilage. We have been manufacturing these products for several years and are continually improving upon our expertise.

Using this type of plastic for storing and protecting food is the safest way to store your foods at the highest quality level, especially paired with Stockinette-Bags. These are also known as snap-on spares, as once you remove the top of the container, you immediately have access to the contents that are stored within. This saves time because you do not need to open the entire container to locate your items. These are the perfect solution when you need to access frozen food quickly.

To maximize the productivity of your kitchen, purchasing quality plastic pallet freezer spacers is vital. The first step in finding the best manufacturer for your needs is to find a reputable supplier. There are several suppliers available online and in stores. Look for the highest quality plastic food storage products that can withstand the harshest conditions. There are a few factors that you should take into consideration when making your selection:

One of the most critical factors in making your decision involves selecting an effective supplier for your needs. Your supplier must provide you with an affordable range of pallets and accessories that can effectively expand the usability of your current freezer. The internet is one of the best tools to research your supplier. There are many supplier review websites that allow you to read customer testimonials related to their services. Spend some time browsing different online business forums related to food storage equipment, as they will often provide you with an opportunity to discuss highly competitive prices. Alternatively, you can search for suppliers using related keywords in Google, such as “food storage devices”, “food storage supplies”, “warehouse freezers”, and “kitchen freezer freezers”.

Finding a supplier who has an excellent reputation within the industry is essential because you want quality and reliable products. Check whether they use the highest quality plastic, stainless steel or aluminium in their production process. The thickness of the plastic used is crucial because it will determine how much product can be kept within the freezer without causing any damage. There is a significant benefit to buying a plastic product because it can be moulded to fit precisely, whereas other metal and hollow profiles in recycled material cannot. Hollow profiles in recycled material can also be challenging to manufacture. Therefore, it will be easier to personalize your new plastic pallets if they are made from hollow profiles.

To find a supplier of high-quality pallet freezer spacers to suit your business needs, use the internet to find a reputable online supplier with a great range of pallet accessories. There is a massive range of accessories available for use with most plastic containers, including the latest innovative technology, including stainless steel, clear plastic and more.