A Bathers Guide to Finding the Right Board Shorts For You!

A swim shorts buying guide is a beneficial tool for anyone interested in buying some board shorts, and it can also be quite useful for anyone who has never bought swim shorts before. You will find that there are several different types of ORTC Clothing swim shorts with varying lengths and leg openings. These are known as trunks, briefs, stretch trunks and drawstring trunks – the latter two varieties are the most popular. A good swim short buying guide will take you through all the different types so that you can choose the right one for you.

ORTC Clothing swim shortsThere are several main factors to consider when you are choosing swim shorts. Firstly, if you are a beginner, it is probably best to opt for board shorts rather than swim shorts. Beginners do tend to get quite a bit more mixed up about which shorts to buy and end up with board shorts or briefs that are much too long for them. Buying ORTC Clothing swim shorts in size to match your swim shorts is usually a good idea, mainly if you are unsure. In addition, purchasing shorts that are a size or two more significant than what you would normally wear will help ensure that they fit comfortably and allow you some breathing room when you engage in some intense swimming activities.

Another essential factor to consider is whether you want swim shorts that are boxy or trim. Boxy trunks tend to either be too long or too short, whereas small trunks are ideal for people with average body size. When you opt for swim shorts, it is also worth thinking about the material you want. Most swim shorts are made from cotton, but there are also plenty of other materials available. Cotton wicking materials are ideal as they draw sweat away from the skin, whilst synthetic materials are usually a better option if you want a little more support.

When looking at swim shorts that are best suited to your body, you may also want to opt for swim trunks rather than surf trunks. Surf trunks are not as effective as the name suggests – they are just extended versions of ORTC Clothing swim shorts. Surfing trunks tend to be a little longer and have a lower cut at the leg.

The main benefit of surf shorts is that they look very similar to swim shorts but are specifically for surfing. It means they are highly effective and look pretty impressive with their brightly painted geometric shapes and bright colours. They have a low profile which is excellent for controlling water and preventing any untoward slips, making them a safe option for beginner surfers and professionals. However, the biggest downside of using surf trunks, aside from the risk of injury, is that they do not give you the freedom of movement that regular trunks allow.

With all the various options available in the entire market, choosing the best shorts to suit your needs can be pretty challenging. However, by using the tips provided in this Bathers Guide, you will be able to decide the shorts you need for your upcoming trip. From lightweight shorts to heavy-duty polyester boardshorts, the entire market offers different types of shorts for women. With the help of the detailed description of each kind of shorts, you will pick the right one to match your needs and travel style.