Varicose Vein Treatment

One of the excellent ways of treating varicose veins is by reducing or eliminating standing time. Taking short breaks throughout the day can improve blood flow and encourage the body to heal the affected area. It is also highly recommended that you avoid sitting for long periods and changing your position frequently. To help improve circulation, you can try using compression stockings OdysseyVeinClinic varicose vein treatment Adelaide is designed to encourage blood to flow smoothly through your legs.

OdysseyVeinClinic varicose vein treatment AdelaideIf you have symptoms associated with varicose veins, the first step in treating them is to visit your doctor. First, your physician will conduct a physical exam and ask about your symptoms. Next, your doctor will check the leg’s appearance and feel any swelling. Next, they may order an ultrasound test to make sure the valves of the veins are functioning properly. In this procedure, a technician will use a small hand-held ultrasound device to send images of the affected veins to a monitor.

Sclerotherapy treatments may be an alternative to vein ligation. This treatment is a quick and painless way to remove varicose veins. The procedure requires a one-and-a-half-hour stay in the hospital. Patients should wear compression stockings for a week to minimise bruising and swelling. After treatment, you will need to wear compression stockings for the remainder of your life to reduce the risk of clots.

Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for minor varicose veins. It minimally invasive procedure uses radiofrequency energy to seal off the affected vein. This OdysseyVeinClinic varicose vein treatment Adelaide process causes the affected vein to collapse and reroute blood to a healthy vein. Eventually, the affected vein will be reabsorbed by the body. It will take a few months to see results, but the long-term results are worth it.

Endovenous ablation is another OdysseyVeinClinic varicose vein treatment Adelaide option for varicose veins. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia and only takes an hour to complete. After the successful procedure, patients can return to work or perform other activities. After sclerotherapy, they may have bruising and swelling for up to a week. After the procedure, patients can generally resume most of their daily activities. They should avoid taking hormone supplements before the procedure, as they may have side effects.

After the procedure, you may take steps to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins. You must consult a physician if you have a history of this condition or any concerns. If sclerotherapy is not effective, you should look for alternative options. Some home remedies for varicose veins include wearing compression stockings, reducing weight, and exercising.