What Are NDIS Plan Management Services?

To be a qualified Plan Controller, you need to enrol with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDA) and take an approved training course. Registered Nurses and disability support professionals are also eligible to enrol. To become an eligible candidate, you need to complete one year of NDI training. Once you are registered, you can access the list of approved providers from the website or call the NDI toll free helpline.

NDIS plan managementThe National Disability Insurance Agency provides training and knowledge on using the NDI’s system to ensure that the NDIS plan management services are delivered as per the regulations laid down by the Federal Government. These laws aim at ensuring that the money invested by the NDI is used for the correct purpose. They also aim to reduce the dependency of the disabled in organisations and provide them with the necessary assistance to enable them to gain self-reliance. The agency also provides training and guidance on service provider management and ensures that the providers are consistent with their responsibilities and guidelines. The National Disability Services plan also aims at preventing discrimination against people with disabilities and provides training and advice on how to deal with issues such as the safety and security of people with disabilities and how to encourage better interaction among the disabled and non-disabled.

Another key responsibility is conducting a series of planning meetings, called ‘interventions’, to look into various areas of the organisation. These meetings bring together the service providers, the directors, the managers, and the project managers. These interventions aim to develop a set of deliverables covering the key areas of the plan. Once the set of deliverables are developed, they are reviewed by the senior directors, taking into account feedback from all stakeholders. The NDIS plan management services involve developing policies, operating procedures, training courses, and the monitoring of implementation.

Other duties included in the plan management services include preparing and reviewing the annual disability report, preparing and reviewing the budget, formulating and reviewing future programs and making plans for care services provided. The disability report provides a detailed accounting of the expenses incurred in providing personal support services to the individuals covered under the plan. It also details the type of support provided, the amount disbursed, the number of days expended on the program, and the number of days not expended on the program. The budget assists the service providers in setting their priorities in terms of expenditure. It details allocating resources based on need and indicates the anticipated future financial obligations.

Interventions are conducted when the need to revise the schedule arises. For example, this is done when the participants find it difficult to meet the required levels of support due to absence or poor health or other unavoidable circumstances. In such instances, the NDIS plan management services involve a meeting between the service provider and the client to discuss alternatives to the preferred alternative. These alternatives can relate to increased participation rates from the participants or modification of some of the services.