Choosing the Right Hinged Wardrobe Doors

Hinged wardrobes are trendy, but hinged doors can be very restrictive for small rooms or apartments as the door cannot be left wide open, which may seem challenging to accommodate. Fortunately, a variety of hinged door styles can still be made to compliment your interior design so that your new hinged wardrobe doors by HillsRobesAndKitchens looks good and also allows you to access the interior of your wardrobe.

Wardrobes with hinged glass doors are ideal if your bedroom is a work area where there may be much movement of furniture. Hinged doors may be the right choice for your bedroom as they provide easy access to both the bed and wardrobe without having to open them to a considerable distance. If your bedroom is small, it is a good idea to choose a hinged door with double glazed windows so that it will protect your wardrobe from the cold when it is not being used.

Wardrobes with hinged glass doors are a trendy choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. But hinged glass doors will require more space as they need to swing inward when opened as they must swing outward when closed.

If your bedroom is quite large, you may decide on an open framed sliding glass door which is an excellent choice as this provides ample space to access the wardrobe as well as the other areas of the room. The glass door is perfect for rooms with open ceilings and maybe a better choice if you wish to have light streaming through your bedroom.

hinged-wardrobe-doors-by-HillsRobesAndKitchensThere are many other styles available for the wardrobe such as ones with panels which are great for providing an elegant touch to your wardrobe or ones with sliding doors which may suit your decor better. If your wardrobe has large windows, you may prefer a hinged wardrobe door which can be opened by pulling outwards to allow the light into your bedroom. This can provide the same convenience but also make your wardrobe look much larger.

Window hinged wardrobe doors by HillsRobesAndKitchens can also be custom made to add elegance to your bedroom and also provide an alternative to the sliding doors. You can get these doors made to measure for a bedroom or bathroom.

For a bedroom, you may want to consider the addition of a hinged wardrobe door for the wardrobe. In most cases, you will want to use the same style of wardrobe hinged door, which is attached to the wardrobe. A traditional wardrobe may look best with a traditional style hinged door, although if you are purchasing a new wardrobe, then you may wish to consider using one of the more modern styles of the hinged door.

Another option would be to go for wooden hinged wardrobe doors by HillsRobesAndKitchens to provide a more traditional look. Wooden doors tend to give a very rustic feeling to the room, and they can easily be matched to any other furnishings in the room, including the walls and flooring. You can also get doors made to fit in with the existing wooden blinds and shutters, which can give your bedroom a contemporary feel.