Everything You Need to Know About What Employment Lawyers Perth Can Do for You

In this article, we’re going to talk about what an employment lawyer can do for you. It may not come as a surprise that you don’t know what an employment lawyer is nor have an idea about what they do. That’s why this article will explain just that by giving you some vital information and details about what employment lawyers Perth can bring to the table.


What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

An employment lawyer provides a series of services to both the employee and employer. Some of the usual tasks that this type of lawyer does include the following:


Explain Your Rights

An employment lawyer can explain and discuss your rights in a given situation. This discussion contains teaching the applicable laws that apply to the case, along with the options that are available to the client. These options may include mediation, litigation, negotiation, or other necessary actions. Your employment lawyer can also explain the benefits and setbacks of each option, as well as provide you with expert advice on the best way to proceed with your particular case.



For employment lawyers Perth who represent the employer’s side, a common task that they do is help their clients remain compliant with various laws. These factors include compliance with the federal and state anti-discrimination law, drafting policies and informing the employer and management that they should not discriminate under the bases of colour, race, sex, age, nationality, religion, or disability. An employment lawyer can also help the employer learn and get familiar with their obligations when it comes to complying with the proper guidelines when it comes to running a business. Finally, employment lawyers can also defend their clients in any legal dispute or charge that are filed against them.


Filing a Complaint

For most matters related to employment law, there must be a claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Australia or other related government agencies. This should be filed before an employee can pursue a provide cause of action. The employment lawyer can help the employee file a complaint with the appropriate agency, as well as explain the time constraints in which the claim must be filed and other factors.


These are only a sample size of the things that employment lawyers Perth can offer to its clients. If you’re looking for some assistance on your employment-related case, then hire our expert employment lawyers now. Click this link to learn more.