AEG Nail Gun – Uses and Benefits

For years the AEG (manufactured outside of the United States) has been considered one of the best tools for people in the industry. These guns shoot nails at rates that are usually faster than a typical nail gun, and this makes them perfect for people who need to get quality nails done on their clients and people who like doing hardwood work themselves. However, if you have decided to purchase one of these guns, then there are a few things that you will need to know about them. Here is a look at what you can expect from an AEG. Looking for an AEG nail gun near me, click here.

First off, it can look great, but it cannot do all of the nails you want. Since it is manufactured out of steel instead of wood, you will find that the item does not work with softwoods or any other type of soft nail. When you use a gun with a wood grip, it can look great but does not always perform as you would like. You can find AEG nail guns that come with leather grips as well. The difference between the two is that the leather has a smoother surface to fit better with different hands.


Speaking of AEG’s, you will find that they are made with a cordless feature. If you have ever had to pull out a gun and then insert a battery, you will find that this can take quite a bit of time. AEG’s are much easier to use because they do not require any cord or batteries to be used. This is perfect for anyone who needs to get some severe nail repairs done and needs to get to work fast. You also will not have to worry about the gun overheating as you will with a corded model. Looking for an AEG nail gun near me, click here.


Getting something like this for the home is easy. Several different sizes are available, as well as several different ways to use these AEG’s. For example, AEG nail guns can be used for drywall installation or installing glass or acrylic panelling. A quick tip for using the gun when installing drywall is to make sure you have the nail head of the screws inserted into the stud. Once you have this step-down, you will want to use it on acrylic or glass panels. If you use your AEG properly with this tip, you will find that it takes a lot less time than it does to pull out a cordless gun with a long cord.


AEGs also allow you to use them with a variety of different size nails. You can use small nails for finishing trim work or larger nails for doing hard work. The best feature about AEGs is that they fire nails from a longer distance than the old style of nail guns. This allows you to finish more complex projects with ease. You may also find that you can use AEGs for varnishing as well. This will give you an even more significant advantage over other people. Looking for an AEG nail gun near me, click here.