How Does an Adelaide Cosmetic Dentist Perform Cosmetic Services?

Cosmetic dentistry basically refers to any cosmetic dental work, which improves the appearance of any particular tooth, jawbone or bite. It mainly focuses on enhancement in overall smile appearance, colour, positioning, shape and size. For more information about getting an Adelaide cosmetic dentist, click here.

There are many cosmetic dentists around the world which offer various services. Some of them offer dental implants, veneers and tooth whitening. Others concentrate on orthodontic treatment, while some provide dental crowns, bridges and crown implants. The dentist you choose for cosmetic dentistry can either provide general dentistry services or specialize in one or a few areas. It is therefore important to choose the dentist of your choice carefully.

Cosmetic dentists must have special qualifications. First of all, they must have the proper education and training to perform any form of dentistry. They should have completed the post-graduate programs offered by the dental schools that have been accredited by Dental Accreditation Canada or Dental Assisting Schools of Canada. They should also have a certificate from the Board of Dental Specialists in Canada, and they must be board certified.

adelaide-cosmetic-dentistAn Adelaide cosmetic dentist can either be board certified or non-board certified. Board-certified cosmetic dentists are the ones who have acquired their qualifications by attending Dental School and have passed the examination of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, or by having undergone a two-year post-graduate program at a university which is recognized by the Canadian Dental Association. The other type of Adelaide cosmetic dentist is one who has not undergone a two-year post-graduate program. The qualifications of such a dentist are not as good as those of a licensed dentist.

Cosmetic dentists must undergo extensive screening procedures before they are granted a license to practice dentistry in Adelaide. These procedures include a complete oral exam, physical examination and a history of the candidate’s past dental care history. The dentist will usually make an impression of the candidate’s teeth to be used in a three-dimensional (3D) computerized model of the candidate’s oral cavities.

Cosmetic dentists in Adelaide are allowed to charge a fee for dental treatments. These charges are usually determined on a case-by-case basis according to the level of the treatment required, the duration of treatment and whether the treatment is elective or emergency. Most cosmetic dentists in Adelaide charge a flat fee for general services or in addition to the fees charged for specific services.

It is advisable to find out if the dentist offers services at his dental clinic. Sometimes, the fees charged by a dentist are higher than those charged by another clinic because of the added services. The fees charged for general dental procedures include cleaning, scaling and polishing. Additional services like bonding, root canals, veneers and fillings are also charged separately.