Travel Australia

I love this country and have tried to travel it as much as I can. It is an interesting combination of an ancient civilisation and modern cities, In my mind it is rightly known by its inhabitants as the, “Lucky Country”. For tourists its endless beaches, adventurous deserts, world famous ‘outback’, and vibrant cities offer a multitude of fun opportunities.

An abundance of activities and places worth visiting may overwhelm first time travelers, I have shortlisted the main attractions and events in Australia which are a must do and see for all tourists visiting this region.

1. The Great Barrier Reef:

Located in Coral Sea, off coast Queensland it is the world’s largest coral reef, spread over 2,600 kilometers it can also be spotted from outer space. If you are into scuba diving this is the prefect destination for you where you get to appreciate the beauty and diversity of this reef by snorkeling through it. Or you could opt to watch this enchanted reef through glass- bottom boats especially designed for tourists to enjoy the glory of the ‘Great Barrier Reef’.

2. Sydney Opera House:

This is one of those places which are a must see for all. Being an important landmark of Australia, the Sydney Opera House is a multifaceted performing art center designed and largely built by a Danish architect. Being the busiest and most popular performing art center of the world it attracts approximately seven million people every year, hence a guided tour of its building is highly recommended. Surrounded by Sydney harbour from three sides and opening up in the Royal Botanic Gardens it is indeed a sight to behold.

3. Kakadu National Park:

Australia’s largest national park is a tribute to its aboriginal culture. A picturesque park home to innumerable wildlife animals including birds, mammals, insects and plants it is made up of hills, lowlands, flood plains and stone country. Located in the Northern Territory in the Alligator Rivers region encompassing almost 19,804km of land you need a comprehensive plan to view all the wonders it has to offer.

4. Australian Museum:

Being the oldest museum of Australia it is dedicated to natural history and anthropology. It exhibits collections of zoology, vertebrates, anthropology and earth sciences. Recognized internationally for its features it offers immense information to natural history lovers.

5. Uluru:

Known as Ayers Rock and also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, it is an ancient sandstone rock which came into existence almost 600 million years back. Sacred to the aboriginal people of this area it is surrounded by an intriguing array of caves, springs, waterholes and ancient cave paintings.

Besides these featured attractions you wouldn’t want to miss out on the outback of Australia. It would be a good idea to hire the services of tourism companies arranging safari tours of this region. Pack your backpack for an adventure in the deserts of Australia and who knows you just might be tempted to contact a property agent to settle down in this ‘Lucky Country’. Bon Voyage and don’t forget to pack your camera along with some extra batteries and memory cards.